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Unnecessary Items to Put in Your Baby’s Room

Designing your baby’s room can be one of the best moment in your life. Most parents, especially moms always get excited when the time to create baby’s room come. They don’t even hesitate to buy everything they think their baby needs later. However, it is also important to not buy unnecessary things. Of course your baby needs many things but choosing the essential items is more important. It will be a waste to buy something you or your baby don’t really need. Besides, baby grown rapidly so their need will also change from time to time. Here are unnecessary items you don’t have to put in your baby’s room:

Unnecessary Items

  • Changing table is important but there is another alternative such as using the surface of the drawer or dresser as changing table. Therefore, buying separate changing table is rather unnecessary. Besides, using drawer or dresser’s surface as changing table will save some space in the room. What you need is changing kit that can be placed on top of a drawer or dresser so you can reach it easily.
  • Bumpers, blankets, and dolls are not necessary especially for newborns. Those are considered hazardous materials. Those things can increase the risk of SIDS or Sudden Death Infant Syndrome. Minimalistic crib is more recommended and it usually comes with comfy mattress and sheet. Thus, you don’t need other things especially the one that is considered a hazard.
  • Next unnecessary item is diaper pall. Its function is to trap the smell of soiled diaper. However, it is not that efficient because the smell spread quickly when you open it. Instead of using diaper pall, it is better to use plastic bag to store soiled diaper and quickly discard it in proper trash bin. Besides, putting diaper pall near your baby is not sanitary.
  • Toys are also considered unnecessary especially for newborns. They spend most of their time by sleeping. You may need to put toys when they grow more or when they start to spend time to play. However, putting too many toys is never a good thing. Instead, choose a couple of stimulating toys around your newborn baby to keep them interested. In addition, avoid toys that is too small especially when your baby can start gripping or holding things. There is risk for your baby to swallow and get choked. Thus, always choose safe toys with stimulating value.

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