Important Factors to Consider in Designing Baby’s Room. Designing your baby’s room is fun and all. However, there are various important factors you need to consider aside from choosing cute palette or cute textiles. The priority when designing baby’s room is safety and sanitary. Getting excited in designing a room for your baby is just normal. You are supposed to be excited because that’s the place where your baby spend their time the most. Newborns are known to spend their most of the time to sleep. Thus, creating safe and comfortable nursery is a must for parents. Here are important factors you should include in designing nursery:

Nursing station

Important Factors to Consider in Designing Baby’s Room
Important Factors to Consider in Designing Baby’s Room
  • Nursing station. It is important to consider because baby need constant changing either their clothes or diapers. Therefore, make sure to create a space for nursing station. You don’t have to buy separate changing table just to play at situs judi online. You can use the surface of the drawer or dresser as changing table. However, make sure to put changing kit within reach so you don’t have to move here and there when nursing.

Sanitation station

Important Factors to Consider in Designing Baby’s Room
Important Factors to Consider in Designing Baby’s Room
  • Sanitation station. This is very important to consider because you don’t want your baby to get sick because of unsanitary room. You can arrange sanitation station by setting up a tray with antibacterial gel on changing table. It is more recommended to store soiled or dirty diapers into plastic bags and remove them immediately from the room to keep the room clean.

The space to grow.

  • The space to grow. Babies grow rapidly so it is important to leave room for growing. It is recommended to choose furniture with enough size so it still leaves room when your baby grows. For example, buying small crib is not recommended because it will only be used for short-term. Think long term so that things in the room can be used in a long run.

It is important to set the right lighting

  • It is important to set the right lighting. Do not use harsh lighting because it can make your baby difficult to sleep. It is recommended to install a dimmer so the lighting can be set to nighttime anytime. You can choose nightlights for your baby’s room since they provide comfort and safety.


  • Baby-proofing. Start baby-proofing the nursery from the beginning. Do not wait until your baby can crawl or walk. Make sure to cover electrical outlets and hide the chords properly. Avoid furniture and items that can be potential hazards such as toys that can be potential choking hazards. Also, do not place sharp objects in baby’s room.

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