If you are expecting your baby, it is time to also consider designing a baby’s room or is also called nursery. It is also common for parents to be a little freaked out about designing nursery especially when it is their first time. However, you don’t have to freak out because there’s nothing to worry about. There’s a lot of tips you can find. However, it is also important to make priorities because designing baby’s room is different than designing a room for adults. There are some aspects you need to consider and pay attention to.


Things you should consider in designing baby’s room

There are several points you need to highlight when it comes to designing a nursery. The main priority is safety. The next is comfort, and the next is style. You see, baby is a fragile creature. They cannot defend themselves when there is danger. Therefore, making sure that they will stay in safe room is a must. Here are things you need to pay attention to when creating baby’s room or nursery:

  • Never put furniture or any object that can harm your baby or yourself. Choosing the right furniture is important because there’s a lot of options in the market. It is highly recommended to buy furniture for baby’s room in a store specialized for baby and kids. Thus, you will only buy safe items.
  • There’s a lot of items you will need in a baby’s room so make sure that the room itself is spacious enough to place some furniture and items. Necessities such as clothes, diapers, wipes, changing table, poop bucket, laundry hamper, and many more need the right storage. With lots of items needed in the room, make sure to put necessities not too far from your reach. Therefore, you don’t have to let go off your baby when you need to take something.
  • Make sure to place functional storage to put every items so that they won’t scatter around the room and make you trip over. It may be fine when you trip over yourself. However, it can be dangerous if you trip over while carrying your baby. With functional storage, you can always put the items back and avoid clutter.
  • Choose the right lighting for your baby’s room. It is recommended to set the lighting to mimic nighttime anytime. If there is large window, make sure to put enough curtain or window shade. Some parents also use blackout shades. It can be useful for napping time because it can fake the dark. Baby’s room with the right lighting will help baby to rest well.
  • It is highly recommended to choose washable wallpaper for your baby’s room. You see, there is no baby’s room free from pee spray. It happens from time to time especially during changing time. You can also choose darker shade for the wallpaper around changing table so that the stains won’t be too visible when you forget to wash it.
  • You can freely decorate your baby’s room with certain theme to fit their gender or your own preference. It will make the room looks fun and alive. However, make sure to always choose safe items for decoration. You can also use wallpaper with certain theme for example, space theme.
  • Choose the right crib for your baby. It is highly recommended to choose the simple without crib bumpers. Make the crib simple will make your baby more comfortable. You also don’t need to add bedding or blanket for the first year. If the room is small, you can choose mini crib so that your baby will be still comfortable.
Unnecessary Items to Put in Your Baby’s Room
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Unnecessary Items to Put in Your Baby’s Room

Designing your baby’s room can be one of the best moment in your life. Most parents, especially moms always get excited when the time to create baby’s room come. They don’t even hesitate to buy everything they think their baby needs later. However, it is also important to not buy unnecessary things. Of course your baby needs many things but choosing the essential items is more important. It will be a waste to buy something you or your baby don’t really need. Besides, baby grown rapidly so their need will also change from time to time. Here are unnecessary items you don’t have to put in your baby’s room:

Unnecessary Items

  • Changing table is important but there is another alternative such as using the surface of the drawer or dresser as changing table. Therefore, buying separate changing table is rather unnecessary. Besides, using drawer or dresser’s surface as changing table will save some space in the room. What you need is changing kit that can be placed on top of a drawer or dresser so you can reach it easily.
  • Bumpers, blankets, and dolls are not necessary especially for newborns. Those are considered hazardous materials. Those things can increase the risk of SIDS or Sudden Death Infant Syndrome. Minimalistic crib is more recommended and it usually comes with comfy mattress and sheet. Thus, you don’t need other things especially the one that is considered a hazard.
  • Next unnecessary item is diaper pall. Its function is to trap the smell of soiled diaper. However, it is not that efficient because the smell spread quickly when you open it. Instead of using diaper pall, it is better to use plastic bag to store soiled diaper and quickly discard it in proper trash bin. Besides, putting diaper pall near your baby is not sanitary.
  • Toys are also considered unnecessary especially for newborns. They spend most of their time by sleeping. You may need to put toys when they grow more or when they start to spend time to play. However, putting too many toys is never a good thing. Instead, choose a couple of stimulating toys around your newborn baby to keep them interested. In addition, avoid toys that is too small especially when your baby can start gripping or holding things. There is risk for your baby to swallow and get choked. Thus, always choose safe toys with stimulating value.
Essential Items You Need for Your Baby’s Room
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Essential Items You Need for Your Baby’s Room

Designing a baby’s room or nursery sometimes can be stressful especially for first time parents. Creating safe room is priority when it comes to your baby to make sure they will be comfortable. Baby needs various necessities including clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. However, it doesn’t mean you should put everything in the nursery. What you need to put in your baby’s room is the essential items.

Things to put in your baby’s room

It is common for parents, especially moms to get excited in designing their baby’s room. As the result, they buy everything they think is cute. However, keep in mind that a nursery only needs to be filled with crucial elements such as:

  • A crib is of course the first thing that comes in mind when speaking of baby’s room. There’s various cribs in the market. They are varied in size, shape, design, price, and features. Make sure to choose high quality crib because newborns spend most of their time sleeping. Important factor to consider when buying a crib is visibility and sturdiness.
  • The next essential item is the mattress. It is recommended to choose organic, waterproof mattress. There is also hypoallergenic mattress in the market that you can choose to make sure your baby will be comfortable and safe. You may also need mattress cover. Choose the waterproof one so that you just need to change the sheet instead of the mattress when it get stained.
  • Next essentials are nursing chair and pillow. The chair to nursing is supposed to make you feel comfortable when feeding your baby. Make sure to choose sturdy chair that allow you to lean, swivel, and rock. It is even better when you choose a chair that allow you to put your feet up. Feeding newborn baby is so frequent so choosing high quality nursing chair is a must. It is also important to have nursing pillow to make your baby comfortable during the feeding. Their head will be supported comfortably with the pillow so that to avoid indigestion as well as gas.
  • Your baby’s room will need essentials items such as wipes, diapers, and clothes. Thus, you need to choose a drawer or dresser that can fit all your baby’s necessities so everything is organized. It can avoid clutter and risk of tripping over. It is even better if you can find a drawer and dresser when the surface can be used as changing table. It can save the space and make it more efficient.